ProExtender System Devices Review

ProExtender Device SystemThis product is a unique penis enlargement system that claims to increase the length and girth of your penis naturally. This system is pretty unique because the ProExtender system uses a combination of several different male enhancement methods into one complete package. This enlargement package includes a high quality penile extender, male enhancement pills, and a penis exercise program.

The enlargement device that comes inside of the ProExtender system was developed by a doctor from Dermark that specializes in penile lengthening. This extender was originally produced as a safe and effective alternative to penile surgery, and now its being offered to men as a safe and effective method for penis enlargement. The Pro-Extender is also effective for straightening penile curvatures as well.

As you can see, its a well-rounded approach that uses several different male enhancement methods that complement each other. The extender and penile exercises are used to add permanent size to your penis while the male enhancement pills work to increase your sex drive, stamina, erection hardness, and intensify your orgasms. This male enlargement system is actually recommended by doctors and urologists in 29 different countries.

How Does ProExtender Work?

First, lets understand how an erection works. When you become aroused, the erectile chamber inside of your penile shaft fills with blood until a full erection is achieved. Thus, the size of your penis is limited by the size of your erectile chamber. In order for male enlargement to occur, this erectile tissue mass needs to be enlarged.

The ProExtender assists your bodys natural ability to grow under physical influence. The penis extender applies gentle traction over the base of your penis which triggers your bodys growth function. This allows the cells in your erectile chamber to replicate into thousands of new tissue cells. This process results in a longer, thicker, and harder penis that is 100% permanent even after you stop wearing the device.


No other product on the market combines an extender, pills, and a penis exercise program into one complete package.

The company that produces Pro Extender offers a no-questions asked 6-month guarantee if youre not completely satisfied.

The ProExtender web site has many before-and-after photos as well as written testimonials from men whove had impressive results with this product.

This product is one of the only two extenders that have actually been clinically proven to work during a medical study.

Manufatured by :
Leading Edge Herbals
2414 4th Avenue
Greeley, CO
United States of America
ProExtender System Device


One of the reasons why this penis extender is rated #2 behind SizeGenetics is because SizeGenetics has a little better overall value. They both provide similar results, but SizeGenetics offers free shipping and free bonuses such as better sex guides, seductive massage DVDs, and a travel leather case.

Even though SizeGenetics offers free shipping and free bonuses, the level of size gains that men experience with these systems are pretty identical. One advantage to the ProExtender system is that it comes with Vigrx male enhancement pills.

So Whats Included Inside of The Pro-Extender System?

ProExtender DeviceComponent 1 ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device

This device is designed to provide gentle non-harmful traction to the penis. The bodys natural response to this traction is the multiplication of erectile tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue. As your erectile tissue begins to expand, you will have a much larger and thicker penis as a result. All size gains are 100% permanent as well.

VigRX PillsComponent 2 VigRx Male Enhancement Pills

This is one of the most popular penis enhancement products and has actually been endorsed by male porn stars such as Ron Jeremy for years. VigRx works to enhance your sex drive, increase hardness, increase sexual stamina, and intensify your orgasms.

Semenax PillsComponent 3 Semenax Ejaculation Volume Enhancer
This pill works to increase your ejaculation volume and your sexual pleasure. Semenax pills can increase your ejaculate by as much as 300% and is great for increasing orgasmic pleasure by increasing the duration of ejaculations and orgasms. This pill greatly enhances your sexual experience.

Penis Enlargement Exercise CDComponent 4 Penis Enlargement Exercise CD
This CD comes with a big collection of penis exercise techniques that you can use from the comfort of your own home in just minutes a day. These exercises are a great complement to the Proextender and will help increase your length, girth, control over ejaculations and help straighten any curvatures you may have.

Product Guarantee

This company demonstrates alot of confidence in their penis enlargement system by giving ProExtender a full 6-month guarantee. Most companies only provide 30-60 guarantees, so its nice to see a company confident enough to offer a full 6-months.

ProExtender Review Conclusion

Overall, we believe that this is the most advanced penis enlargement system on the market for the reasons listed above. It covers every aspect of penis enlargement and has produced a 97% satisfaction rate among users which is pretty impressive. With a full 6 month guarantee, and a proven track record, we highly recommend this system to all our visitors.

ProExtender System Device Original Package

ProExtender Device System Deluxe Package

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